Welcome to Glove Master

Welcome to Glove Master in the vibrant region of Northern New Jersey, where the spirit of baseball and unparalleled glove care come together.

Imagine a 4 year old stepping onto the baseball field for the first time. Now, fast forward four decades, and you’ll find that same passion in Michael Bellovich, the heart and soul behind Glove Master. Not only did he shine as a varsity player in high school, but he also impressed on the college baseball field. Later, he coached teams, including the NJ Renegades and the El Paso Diablos

Meet Michael Bellovich, the founder and the driving force behind our expert glove repair services:

✅Baseball Glove Cleaning
✅Baseball Glove Repair
✅Baseball Glove Break In
✅Baseball Glove Relace

We are a small family owned business featuring Baseball and Softball glove repair.

Serving all customers throughout the U.S. Located in Bergen county New Jersey. Distance is not a barrier when it comes to delivering quality craftmanship and care for your baseball gloves. Whether you’re a local customer or located miles away, our mission is to to provide exceptional services.

Glove Master Mission

My mission is simple, to preserve the stories that baseball gloves hold. Every glove carries memories of victories, defeats, and countless hours on the field. We believe that these stories deserve to be told, not cut short by wear and tear.

At Glove Master, we believe every baseball glove has a story. Therefore, our mission goes beyond repair. We ensure each glove is ready for its next big catch. Whether it’s relacing a well-worn mitt or breaking in a brand new one, we handle it all with unmatched care.

We’re committed to using top-notch materials, making each glove’s story last longer. Lastly, we tailor our services to meet each player’s unique needs. After all, a glove is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a player’s best friend on the field.

A Glove Master workshop filled with baseball gloves at different stages, representing a specialized baseball glove service business
The NJ Renegades baseball team proudly holds up a banner proclaiming their championship victory at the 12U Fall Classic under the coaching of Glove Master owner Michael Bellovich
A baseball team proudly poses with their trophy after winning the 13U Spring Invitational under the coaching of Michael Bellovich, who is the owner of Glove Master.
A baseball team, the NJ Renegades, poses for a photo on a field after winning the 12U Fall Classic under coach Michael Bellovich, who is the owner of Glove Master.

Michael Bellovich isn’t just any coach, he’s a true legend in the baseball world. Back in the day, he served as the head coach for the NJ Renegades, and his achievements on and off the field are nothing short of remarkable.

During his tenure with the NJ Renegades, Michael led the team to countless victories. With his expert guidance.

Want to delve deeper into his baseball journey? Explore his coaching highlights, and memorable moments.

NJ Renegades use sound all-around game to win 12U Fall Classic
NJ Renegades run to 13U Spring Invitational title
NJ Renegades team profile Wyckoff, NJ

Choosing Glove Master means joining a community that loves and respects the game as much as you do. So, whether you’re just starting or have years of innings under your belt, we’re here to keep your glove in top shape.

Ready for expert glove care? Reach out to us and keep the baseball spirit alive!