Baseball Glove Repair Service

Discover top-tier baseball glove repair services at Glove Master. Specializing in relacing, cleaning, and conditioning for baseball and softball gloves. Experience unmatched craftsmanship and quick turnaround times


Welcome to Glove Master, home of professional softball and baseball glove repair service. We specialize in restoring and enhancing your baseball and softball gloves. Whether it’s precise repair, detailed relacing, glove break-in, or deep cleaning and conditioning, our expert team ensures your glove is in top-notch condition. Trust us to bring unparalleled craftsmanship and care to every glove.

Baseball Glove Repair

At Glove Master, our comprehensive baseball glove repair service addresses every aspect of wear and tear. We fix tears and reinforce weakened areas which results in restoring your glove to a state that is as good as new. Our attention to detail ensures that every baseball or softball glove is not only repaired but also returned to a condition that meets the high standards of serious players.

Glove Relacing

Our glove relacing service is a key aspect of glove repairs at Glove Master. We replace worn out laces with new, premium-quality laces, ensuring your glove maintains its integrity and flexibility. This service not only improves the glove’s durability but also enhances its overall feel, making every catch more secure.

Glove Break-In

Our glove break-in service, is an essential part of our glove services, is designed to get your new glove game-ready quickly and comfortably. We use a series of proven techniques to soften and shape the glove, conforming it to the shape of your hand for a perfect fit. This service is ideal for players who want to skip the lengthy natural break-in period and jump straight into field.

Our unique approach to glove break-ins sets us apart. Unlike others, we perform all break-ins by hand, guaranteeing a personalized touch that enhances the performance and comfort of each glove. Trust us to maximize the potential of your equipment.

Professional Cleaning and Conditioning Services

At Glove Master, we clean and condition your baseball or softball gloves to make them fully restored. We make sure your glove is clean, in top shape, and ready for your next game.

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Welcome to Glove Master

Welcome to our family-owned business located in Bergen County, New Jersey, serving customers nationwide with a focus on Baseball and Softball glove services. Specializing in Break-Ins, Repair, Re-lacing, and Conditioning, we pride ourselves on delivering meticulous care to your sports equipment.

Regardless of your location across the United States, our services are designed to reach you. Whether you’re a local customer or miles away, our goal is to provide exceptional and speedy service.

Understanding the importance of well-maintained gear, we ensure that all relacing, break ins and repairs are promptly completed. The only exception is for custom color lace requests, which we strive to complete as promptly as possible.

Our team is dedicated to delivering an experience that is exceptional. We aim to exceed your expectations in terms of quality and timeliness. By blending craftsmanship with efficiency, we become a reliable partner in caring for your beloved baseball gloves and softball gloves. Thank you for considering our services.